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With our knowledge and experience Martek can offer you:

Project Management

We can manage your complete project from start to finish. This includes:

  • Project Planning and Timescale Management
  • Programme Management (Design, Contract Award, Manufacture, Assembly and Commissioning)
  • Documentation (Requirements Docs, Systems Description Docs, Work Pack Breakdowns and Definitions, Specifications, Commissioning Schedules, Completion Certificates, etc.) Financial Management
  • Sub Contract Management
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Purchasing
  • CE Marking
  • Machinery Directive Compliance


Systems Design

We have vast experience in the design of Systems Test Rigs and Iron Bird Test Rigs. Including:

  • Rig structural design and stressing
  • Test Rig Systems Architecture design
  • Loading System design
  • Geometry and loads calculation spreadsheets
  • Flow and performance calculations
  • Actuator design
  • Hydraulic manifold design
  • Load cell and servo valve definition
  • Hydraulic Loading Pump Room design
  • Ring main Design
  • Aircraft Pump Room design
  • Requirements and specification generation
  • Control / HMI interface design and integration of rig systems
  • Mineral and Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Oil (Skydrol, Hyjet) experience
  • Cooling systems design
  • Interface design between rig and aircraft systems
  • Loading Control System Design
  • Avionic Design
  • Control Room design and layout definition


Rig Commissioning

Quite possibly the most stressful part of creating a new test facility is meeting the demanding timescales to commission the rig in preparation for testing.
We have experienced this many times ourselves and we are here to help! We have a huge amount of experience in the commissioning and setting up of new rig systems. Be it Hydraulic, Mechanical, Electrical or Software we can help solve your problems.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere in the world.

  • Hydraulic pressure testing and flushing
  • Electrical fault finding
  • Systems testing (landing gear systems, aircraft hydraulic systems, flight control systems, rig systems)
  • Loading system commissioning – actuator tuning (static and dynamic systems)
  • Control Room Commissioning


Moog FCS System

With over 12 years collaboration with Moog Loading Control Systems, we have seen this impressive company grow from small beginnings into the world leaders in their field.
Along with many others, we have helped develop their test systems over the years. As an independent company, we have an excellent working relationship with Moog Control Systems and we can help provide the following services:

  • Test Definition
  • Scripting
  • Complicated tests (sequenced tests, flight profiles, endurance tests)
  • Difficult to Tune Systems (fast actuators requiring adaptive gain scheduling, damping scheduling, asymmetry correction factors)
  • Controlled Load Abort Manifold (CLAM) Systems
  • HBM data logging system set-up and integration with Moog FCS Systems (via either net connection)
  • Automatic Data Logging
  • Steering tests
  • Endurance systems
  • Large scale fatigue test definition and set-up


Integrated Rig Control and Monitoring Systems

Over the years we have realised that modern rig control systems can, and should, be integrated to provide the user with safe, efficient and intelligent ways to control and monitor their test environment. Our solution is to combine systems together with network and discrete signals into a central Test Rig Monitoring and Control System.

Our Combined Monitoring and Control Systems utilise large screen displays that can be customised for each individual test. Controls such as Aircraft Controls, Pump Rooms, Data Logging Systems, Visual Monitoring Systems, E-Stop Systems and Simulation Systems can be brought together in a carefully designed HMI interface. This provides the user the necessary control and monitoring for the test under operation with automatic warning of faults as and when they occur.

On large, complicated, multi channel test rigs, this allows a single used to operate the facility in a safe and controlled manner.

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